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HDRI Setup?

I get hung up on the simplest problems at first. I cant see the HDRI in my renders in 3ds Max. Is it because Im using an exr format?

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The EXR-format is fully supported for environment lighting. The implementation and how to use it however depends on the platform-plugin and is different for each one.

  • In 3ds Max you have to assign a Bitmap node with the HDRI to the Environment map slot.
  • In Maya you need to place a Sky Dome Light into the scene with the HDRI assigned and select it in the render settings under Scene -> Environment Light and that theEnvironment Visible checkbox is set.
  • In blenderseed you need to go to the World properties tab and select Environment Type HDRI Environment and set in the Lightingsection of the render settings Environment Emits Light

Here is a screenshot of appleseed-Max showing an EXR HDRI assigned as environment light.


Thank you, that seems pretty straight forward. Im still just getting a black sky. Does it specifically have to be specified as a lat/long format?

Seems like you get some lighting in your scene.
Please check that Background Alpha= 1 in the Image Sampling render settings.
If it is 0 then the environment will emit light but is not directly visible to the camera and appear black.
See screenshot for the correct setting:

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Duh, I knew it was something simple. Thank you.