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Hiding lights from camera

Hey guys!

I’m testing out Appleseed + Gaffer ( for lighting and rendering and I was wondering if Appleseed supported hiding light geometry (ie, for an area/rect light) from the camera. Coming from other render engines I’m used to having this feature but I can’t seem to figure out if Appleseed supports it or not at the moment.

If not, what do you guys typically do to hide lights you don’t want to see?


appleseed supports visibility flags that allow to hide object instances to certain types of rays such as camera rays, reflection rays, etc. What I’m not sure about is whether visibility flags are already exposed in Gafferseed (i.e. the integration of appleseed into Gaffer). Asking around…

Unfortunately this limitation has only been lifted in the next version of Gafferseed. It should be released soon (but the release schedule of Gaffer is out of our hands).

Thanks for the insight. I got a response over on the Gaffer user group and it looks like someone just fixed the issue in a pull request so it will be available in the next version of gaffer. I’ll try to build from source in the meantime to see if I can get it working. Thanks!

Hi Aaron,
If you compile yourself then you can use the newest sources from the pull request of Esteban, the Gafferseed developer. I think that is what you referred to. The visibility flags bug is fixed there along with many other improvements.

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