How to approach interior lighting


Hi everyone
How to approach interior lighting in appleseed with glass windows. i tired to do it but the light doesn’t pass through the glass window is there any portal light in appleseed ?. I use blenderseed.
Thank you


Hi Bebin,

You could try enabling caustics since technically everything behind the glass is lit by caustics.

Since this might be quite slow to converge, the usual technique is to use the thin glass approximation for glass windows. This is not readily supported in blenderseed, however it’s not very far off.

appleseed doesn’t support portal lights at the moment.


sppm or pathtracing lighting engine wihich is best suited for interior scene


I’d recommend path tracing.


thank you :slight_smile: . i would be nice if there is a documentation for sampling and adaptive sampling engine and how to approach lighting in appleseed to get good result and how to balance between speed and quality. As a beginner its little hard for me to understand how appleseed works.


I completely agree. We’re working on documentation.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Not totally hard to understand how appleseed works, pretty easy though. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!