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How to see materials assigned to object instances in

I tried but do not find ways to find object instance’s current assigned material
the attribute Editor of one object instance does not contain the current material. so each time i assign material, i have to assign new material even it is already the right material . i think not convenient.
Also, can you offer documents of these paratemeters? for example what is the meaning of “SSS Set Identifier”?

as I advised in the initial thread Problem with assigning materials, is not a good tool for scene building or modification. Use our Blender-plugin blenderseed for Blender 2.79b or if you want we have the new version for Blender 2.80. Assigning materials, lights etc. and modifying a scene is much easier with the plugins.

That said, it is possible to see the material which has been assigned to an object instance.
Set the Picking Mode (top menu of the scene display) to Object Instance and right click the object you are interested in. Then a context menu appears near the mouse pointer showing the assigned material in the material slot (see screenshot)

The meaning of SSS-sets is related to sub-surface scattering. SSS sets are a way for appleseed to treat separate meshes as a single object when doing SSS calculations. This can prevent artifacts where meshes intersect.

Here are some more object options documented:

OK, thank you very much for your kind advisement.
If i do not misunderstand your words, your meaning is:I must set material slot in model build softwares such as blender , otherwise the material slots will be “Default”, right?
the blenderseed document is enough for me. i will look for that document for later use. thanks again

What I meant is that assigning materials and making and editing a scene is much easier within a dedicated 3d application (Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya) and using our render plugins than using directly Once you have a scene ready to render with ametarials assigned you can then either directly render within the 3d applications or export an appleseed scene file and render it with is not a full replacement for a dedicated 3d application, you cannot build geometry with it and do proper modelling. It is for a different purpose (mostly scene debugging and setting some advanced parameter which are not exposed in the plugins)

Hope this makes it clearer.

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