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How to use a procedural noise texture as a bump map input?

For some reason the ball remains smooth. I want relief!

test (96.0 KB)
OS: Ubuntu 18.10

Hi @dez,
This does not work in your case because the noise texture output is a Color type and the asBump input expects a height-map (float) inputs. You have to convert the Color to float and this is done via the asLuminancenode (see screenshot of node setup) Basically it converts the color information to grey scale which can be used for the bump map.

Here is an example (rendered in appleseed-Max) of a bitmap texture map (cube) and procedural noise map (sphere) as inputs for a bump map:


New render, new rules.
Yes, everything works fine!

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Short info for our readers,
Users who are new to blenderseed should have a look at the latest blenderseed documentation:


hi,I’m japanese.I can little english.

Is the normal map the same way?

Hi @wizard9th
Welcome to the forum!

Yes works in similar way as shown above. You connect an asTexture map to the Normal Map input of asBump and select Bump Mode: Normal Map and then connect Output Normal to the Bump Normal input of your material shader (see screenshot below)


How to use a procedural noise texture as a bump map input? から:

Thank you! Mango3
I tried the texture map. and understood a little.
but Displacement by normal map is difficult…

Your node setup won’t work for the normal map input. You need to use an actual normal map (they look blueish, an example is here: normal map example) as I have shown in the screenshot above. The asNoise3D shader does not directly generate the information a normal map contains (the components of the surface normal vector encoded as RGB values).