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Hydra Render Delegate

Hey everyone,

great to be here! This is not a feature request, but I would like to know if someone is already looking into a Pixar Hydra Render Delegate implementation for appleseed.
Im a TD student and if there is no current development I would be interest to include an implementation in my research project.
What do you guys think?

Hi Janik,
Welcome to our forum and thanks for your enthusiasm!

We had indeed looked into this issue. Some time ago we were approached by Chad Dombrova from Luma Pictures about integrating an appleseed-Maya Hydra render delegate. You can read about the discussion here:

Best would be if you could join our appleseed discord server and we can discuss this in much more detail:

We are certainly interested and it would be a great addition to have an appleseed Hydra render delegate implementation.