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Image sampling settings

Hi all,

I just started playing with this renderer and I have question about the image sampling settings.
What is the limit for pixel samples or should I leave at the 16 default and only increase the passes?
Im using the 3ds max plugin.


Hi @jovcem,

Welcome to the forum!

The number of pixel samples can be set from 1 up to 10^6 in Max. For the render quality the total number of samples (samples per pass * passes) is what matters. How you split it is up to you. Less samples but more passes give a faster screen update, with 1 sample/pass approaching progressive render behavior.
Computationally slightly more efficient is higher samples/pass (>64) and less passes. Just try what works best for your scene, the default of 16 works well if you adjust the passes.

On a side note: We will release soon the next official update to appleseed and with it a new version of the appleseed-Max plugin. It has many improvements, among those are a new adaptive tile sampler which distributes samples more efficiently than the uniform sampler does.


Thanks for the quick answer @Mango3 I have one more question.
Is there an exporter that can export a 3ds max scene to standalone appleseed scene?

Yes, you can export a scene from Max in .appleseed format and the load it into appleseed studio (see screenshot). In the Outputsection of the render settings panel are export options.