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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Lee Griggs' inspired renders

Oh nice! Glad to see that the tool seems to be working. Did you hit any issue?

Regarding the color theme, I’m experimenting a bit. There are still a few bugs in Discourse where it doesn’t properly adapt the color of some of its UI elements when applying a custom color palette.

Did you prefer the default white theme?

I don’t mind a black theme if the readability is perfect. Maybe the contrast is a bit too strong here ?

Speaking of heightfield, when I launched it he asked me for msvcr110.dll which I took from appleseed folder. Nothing much.

[quote=“Pistols, post:22, topic:20, full:true”]
I don’t mind a black theme if the readability is perfect. Maybe the contrast is a bit to strong here ?[/quote]

Ok, I’ll see what I can do.

Good point, I’ll fix this in the package.


lol your one with hairs is weird @franz! :smiley:

I really like your one @Pistols it look “medical”. Maybe SSS could give nice “organic” effect. Or even use sphere.

I’m surprised about the flat on the background while the image seems still colored.

I took my starfield nebula as a heightmap so the flat area is the dark part of the picture … there is still some colored dark noise like every good old jpg pictures does :slight_smile:

I’ll try to use some other custom mesh, can’t wait to see nice shinny edges !

I’ve just tried with a gradient, a colored ramp and some shitty noise in the background that doesn’t really matters.

So its obvious the grey scale is giving the cubes height, but what about the color info? the red values doesn’t count? Or am I missing something?

Actually, the red channel is used to compute the height, size and orientation of the cubes.

Oh ok I feel dumb now. Can I ask why the red channel ?

It was somewhat of an arbitrary choice. I wanted to raise some of the cubes only on one specific image, and it seemed appropriate to use the red channel then. All this stuff could be changed pretty easily really, but one would need a compiler at the moment :slight_smile:

Here is one based on one of the painting suggested by Dorian:

Sweet ! I like the flow of the cubes, the colors, and the focus on the single yellow dude.

Same here! The two single cubes flowing to the specular light on the left make things cool! Great Job!

Some more (miniature) renders:

(Note the smooth edges.)

Cool! The smooth edge make a big difference! OSL here? :smiley:

Yeah the smooth edges make a huge difference.

No OSL, but the Disney BRDF (with subtle fake SSS visible at the top of the cubes!).

Hahaha! Good idea!

Here is one of my first tests:


Here is another one:



Here’s an earlier I did with a picture of the milky way, but I did not do a final render of it: