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Implementing architectural glass material

Hi all!

Can anyone roughly describe how to implement an “architectural glass” material, preferrably with OSL? Do I need to change any C++ code, or writing OSL alone is enough? I’ve read some OSL documentation but haven’t written any OSL codes. Thanks!

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There is a Blog post about arch-glass implemented in OSL.

But for performance reasons arch-glass would need to be implemented ideally in a special Glass BSDF in the core.


Thanks a lot!!! That’s extremely helpful!

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Is architectural glass the same as thin glass?

Is there a dedicated thin glass shader? Haven’t seen one.
For thin glass absorption can be neglected.

The dedicated arch-glass OSL shader (link above) features
– Absorbtion/tint colour.
– Reflective coating layer, for example a one-way mirror or high reflectance building glass.
– Dirt layer, like a layer of dust or sand on the outside.
– IOR of glass and surrounding medium (air usually).
– Normal map inputs for creating warped reflections for each pane separately.
– Supports ray traced refraction, transparency, and black opaque for the refraction/transmission.

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