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Installation for Blender 2.80 on Windows

Hi! I’m very interested in the caustic tracing capability of appleseed.
I installed blenderseed (blenderseed-2.0.0-beta-0-g6b8f474-blender-2.80-win64) as described here (file: for Blender 2.80 (version: 2.80 (sub 75), branch: master, build date: 2019-07-29). I find appleseed in the render list, but in the rendered image the objects are completely black…
Maybe I need a very basic introduction for my first steps in appleseed… Any suggestion?

Thank you

Hi @Igmar,

Welcome to our forum!
First I would suggest you use our latest developer build of blenderseed for Windows. It has many improvements and bug fixes compared to the last official release version. This build works with Blender 2.80/2.81/2.82.
Download it from here: blenderseed-dev-2020_02_07-Win64

  • When the scene is completely black that means lighting is missing. Check if you have a camera and lights (either environment lighting - IBL, or dedicated lights) in the scene.
  • Also remove all Cycles nodes if you use a scene made for Cycles. appleseed cannot use them. You need to assign appleseed materials to all your objects.

For strong caustics choose SPPM (Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping) instead of Path Tracing in the Lighting settings. We have several threads in this forum related to SPPM. Have a look at them.

If you have further questions feel free to contact us, either here or on our appleseed Discord

Thank you for your answer. I installed “blenderseed-dev-2020_02_07-Win64”. As I said, I need a good caustic tracer, and I was impressed by this video:
Unfortunately, I have absolutely no experience with appleseed standalone version. So I’m trying to learn Blenderseed, but there is a lack of sources and the available sources are out of date (at least those that I found!). For example:
Referring to: : now, for example (as there are a lot of differences with the current version), asDisneyMaterial simply doesn’t have input color socket…
Referring to: : I can’t find this panel anywhere!

So… could you please share a .blend file with a simple scene working with blenderseed? This would be extremely useful for me…


Hi Igmar,

  • -> “asDisneyMaterial simply doesn’t have input color socket…”
    To expose the input sockets in the shader you need to press the Use node input button next to the parameter (see screenshot red circled button)

  • The appleseed objects options can be found in the Object Properties panel of the render settings.
  • I have attached a scene file (similar to Gottfried Hofmann’s Blender Diplom caustics scene) to test SPPM with the latest blenderseed: 2.8 (115.4 KB) and Blender 2.81/2.82

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Thank you so much for your explanations and for the .blend file! They will help me learn and use appleseed much faster!