Interior Scene From Scratch


New scene I’ve been working on from scratch, Next thing to add will be chalk markings.
The following is a work in process, please critics and comments :nerd_face:

Best regards!



A beautiful scene!


Some closeups would be appreciated, the cushions on the sofa look really good.


I will add some closeups, even though they are not so detailed. Thanks!

New renders coming up o.o


How much time to render for this scene?


I don’t recall exactly but it was more than 8 hours. :smiley:


I like the render.
It is one of the images inspiring me to learn appleseed.
But I will like to know if it took more than 8 hours, what is your system specification ?


It’s not that uncommon for an image like that to take 8 hours to render. Path tracing isn’t the fastest rendering method and appleseed is still a beta program so it hasn’t been optimized to the same extent as Cycles (although there’s a GSOC project that seeks to fix that).


Moreover, convergence is slowing down exponentially so the render probably wasn’t that bad to start with after one or two hours; nowadays appleseed supports denoising and that could have been used to clean up the remaining noise.