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Is there a material converter to convert existing Cycles scenes?

Hi, thanks for the plugin. Just wondering if there’s a script for converting cycles scenes to appleseed scenes in blender. Just wanted to test it out on an existing scene for a comparison, I have hundreds of materials though, so would take an eternity manually.

Or alternatively perhaps there’s an appleseed fbx importer, which creates appleseed materials rather than principled shaders?

A converter would be best though.

Hi @3di,

welcome to our forum!
Unfortunately we don’t have a converter script for Cycles to appleseed. We are quite aware that any scene conversion from other render engines, be it Cycles, V-Ray, Arnold etc… is a lot of work.

What we do have is a Python based Mitsuba2appleseed conversion script for the research oriented renderer Mitsuba. The reason is that many test-scenes for new render algorithms appearing in publications are Mitsuba based and to facilitate comparison with appleseed for the developers.
With the help of the Mitsuba converter we have made an appleseed scene package of most of Benedikt Bitterli’s scenes.

Cool, are you telling me this because there’s a cycles to Mitsuba script, and I could use that and then use your mitsuba2appleseed conversion script?

It is for general information about conversion scripts for appleseed. I’m personally not aware of a Cycles->Mitsuba converter but there may one exist.
An option would be for someone with Python knowledge to use the Mitsuba2appleseed Python script as a basis and try to modify it for Cycles.


Hey Michael, I see we travel in the same circles…lol Dustin Moore.

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Hey Dustin, I sense Appleseed is about to get some rockets :slight_smile:

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Dustin & Michael, you are both very welcome to join our Discord and get live feedback from the devs and other appleseed users, access to developer builds, general infos on rendering technology and more.
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