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Issue using blenderseed to edit OSL node tree?

At the moment I can create a simple blender scene and render with appleseed. That much works.

If I use the blender node editor to create an appleseed OSL node tree, the “Add…” menu (shift-A) contains only the subheadings OSL_Surface, OSL_Shader, … but all of those submenus are empty. Am I missing some environment setting or path/configuration flag for this?

I’m using Blender 2.79b, Appleseed 1.9.0-beta, and blenderseed 0.8.0-beta

Hi gonewest. Sorry it’s giving you issues. Can you check the console after blender loads? There should be a really long series of class registration notices which follow the OSL file scans. Look for any errors about parameters missing.

@gonewest818 We have identified a number of issues and will issue a hotfix for blenderseed shortly, probably right after the week-end.

Thanks for the update, and I’m sorry I wasnt able to respond to the earlier request for console/log output.

You can grab blenderseed 0.8.1-beta here:

Let us know if this release works for you (or doesn’t).

By the way, which operating system are you using?

Yes, thank you, that patch works for me. I’m using macOS High Sierra.

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I experience the same problem as gonewest on blenderseed 0.8.1. (appleseed 1.9.0, blender 2.79b, macOS high sierra) In console i receive message: ERROR: No shader parameters. I’ve checked that the files are staying in the right location. I tried with older releases but it was the same.
Any ideas what wrong?