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Light guide: inner reflection

@rickyx Is the Blender scene you just posted ( supposed to be fully setup with materials, etc.? If so, with which version of blenderseed did you set it up? I’m getting a grayscale, fully diffuse render…

I downloaded my file and started to render: to me it seems ok, with materials and colors from blender and from applestudio.
I’m using blender under linux with blenderseed 0.7.0 and applestudio 1.8.1

I now see new updates: I should I try 1.9.0-beta and update the scene?

Oh, I see.

Unfortunately, with the upcoming version of blenderseed (0.8.0), we had to break compatibility with scenes setup with blenderseed 0.7.0.

I hope this to be the last time we break compatibility, but the sheer magnitude of changes and improvements in the 0.8.0 version hopefully justifies that decision.

If time allows, I would very much appreciate if you could rebuild the scene with blenderseed 0.8.0.

Finally @Jonathan_Dent, the lead developer on blenderseed made a great video intro to the new blenderseed release: