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Linux "Glibc 2.27"

hello guys
I’m Linux user, in Centos 7. I update every day or witch of day.
but I can’t run this app, because there is a problem about Glibc 2.27.
as you know centos are standard. then what is that? :smiley:
I was hoping, would have existed “Glibc 2.27” in “Lib” directory. But it wasn’t. why ?!

Hi @AbedSHP,

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CentOS uses a quite old version of glibc (2.1x) which is unfortunately not compatible with more current ones which Fedora uses (2.2x). glibc is the C standard library and and therefore an essential system component in Linux and cannot be upgraded without causing major issues.

Our last Linux build was made under Fedora, linked against glibc 2.27 and will run perfectly on newer Linux systems.
We have a new release imminent, version 2.1 which should then work again with CentOS, as did all our releases before 2.0.

@AbedSHP Could you give the Linux version of the latest version of appleseed (2.1.0-beta) a try?

Here’s a direct link to the download:

And the release notes:

Feedback appreciated! Linux builds are always a bit hit and miss.

I forget this Topic, :smiley:

I checked this issue three or four days ago. (version 2.0) But it doesn’t work, on Fedora (30). In the last version.

Anyway, I agree with you, Fedora is a good distribution. I used Fedora before Centos. but there is an import issue. actually, we are graphic artists and We need stable software for work. First, Centos So stable more than the other distribution. (personally).
Second, as you know big industrial graphic companies using Centos for their Softwares.

Anyway thanks to the support Centos.

Thanks for the feedback, appreciated. This is the expected error on older versions of CentOS. We would need to build appleseed against glibc 2.1x.

On Centos 7 and Fedora 30. Thanks for managing file to the “lib” directory! so amazing.
and I added lib directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
** As you can see in my screenshot!**
which version do you use for Python?

Developer builds of need to find the standard library of a Python 2.7 installation for the embedded Python 2.7 to function properly. The location of the system Python installation varies among the Linux distributions. Python uses several environment variables, among them PYTHONHOME, to find the executables and modules. To set this variable, type:

export PYTHONHOME=/usr