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Materials don't update automatically in blenderseed

When i change a material on blenderseed i need to switch to solid then to rendered which is quite fustrating. Any way to fix that ?

Hi @papa_fucc,

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This is a known issue with blenderseed. The problem is the new way Blender 2.80 internally notifies the renderer about changes in the scene-graph. Apparently it is not so easy to implement this. I refer to our blenderseed developer @Jonathan_Dent which can give a detailed explanation.

Hi there. What exactly do you mean by ‘change a material’? Are you updating an existing one or changing the material assignment itself or the name?

Updating an existing one (i.e. changing the node tree) should trigger an update. There’s a weird glitch where sometimes connecting nodes together doesn’t trigger properly, but a restart should fix that (I honestly don’t know why that happens, but it’s something on Blender’s side).

If it’s the latter (changing a material name or assigning a different material), that will not update in real time. Long story short I’ve been doing what I can to keep the interactive render responsive. Checking for material assignment and name changes would require checking every material block every time a scene update happens. Not only that but every object in the scene would have to be checked as well to see if it uses that material. Then the material and any object instances using it would need to be deleted and recreated.

This is a lot of number crunching. So I made the conscious decision to ignore that.

Of course I’m far from the worlds best software writer, and as I learn more I may revisit this.