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Maya 2020 - as_Hair_Material


i successfully compiled the maya-plugin for maya 2020 against appleseed 2.1.0-beta.
since the asHairMaterial is not provided with the maya-module-package, i compiled the as_hair_material.osl and put the .oso file into the shaders folder. maya loads it, but i get a “asHair closure color output is not supported by this renderer…”
any hints?

Hi @nospitters,
I uploaded a build for Maya 2020 (Windows) with asHair accessible from Maya.

hi @Mango3 ,

thank you very much for providing this…
my previous build (vs2017, vc14.1) was with xgenseed, but i get instant crashes on maya when trying to render with xgen. the xgenseed.dll goes into the bin folder of the maya-plugin package, isnt it?
(i cant see appleseed in the “renderer” selection of xgen, so dont really know how xgenseed is intended to be used inside maya…)
btw. do you know how to enable interactive/ipr rendering in the “MRenderView/Tileback”?


ahh, just saw that you also responded on github concerning xgen…thanks for the hints.

Unfortunately appleseed-Maya is our only plugin where IPR rendering has not been implemented. It was a potential GSoC project but not chosen by any candidate