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Maya Hypershade Quirks

I found in the Hypershade…

  • Deleting any nodes (Texture/Utility) connected to any asSurface, deletes the asSurface if it’s the only connection (wheter it’s assigned to objects or not).
    but deleting the conneciton first resolves this.

  • using ‘delete unused nodes’ leaves appleSeed Texture/Utilities nodes remaining that have no connections (unused)

Thanks for the feedback! We will investigate and fix these issues.


Thanks for the report.
I pushed a fix for the issue. It will be included in the next release.


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@LoneCrayon Which platform are you on? Maybe we can provide you a development build with the fixes for you to test?

Hi @franz,

The hypershade node issue is not pressing for me, just an observation.
I’m happy to test further builds though
Mango made the previous build I’m using with AVX instructions of the current git-master compiled for Maya_2018 Window. I’ve an older Xeon card with AVX only.