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Maya plug-in load issue on Fedora Linux

i cant load appleseed plugin inside maya2017 on fedora27 based machine, maya returns this errore:
// Error: line 1: /home/ho3in/Softwares/appleseed/plug-ins/2017/…/…/lib/ undefined symbol: TIFFFindFieldInfo (appleseedMaya)
note: i can run
tnx for any help.


Maya 2017 does not run by default on Fedora because it needs libtiff version 3 but Autodesk does not bundle it and it’s not in fedora packages.

Did you copy / rename your system’s tiff library as ?
In that case, can you try removing the libtiff you copied and replace it by the one included in the appleseed plugin lib folder?

Our libtiff in the package is built from sources and it’s the exact version needed by Maya.


On a somewhat related point, a symbolic link named $MAYA_LOCATION/lib/, pointing to /usr/lib64/ works fine with Maya in general, though the prebuilt appleseed-maya package might actually expect a libtiff 3.7.2.