Maya Plugin Development


We’ll use this thread to post regular updates on the Autodesk Maya plugin.

Official releases can be found on GitHub:




Appleseed-Maya doesn’t have any prebuilt binary,
is it because it doesn’t compile yet or just lack of Haggy’s time ?


Hi @calus,

We don’t provide prebuilt binaries yet because appleseed-maya is still very much a work-in-progress. We plan to invest some serious time and efforts within the next few months to bring it up to the level of appleseed-max, our 3ds Max plugin.


We restarted the development of the Maya plugin.
Still early times, but progressing nicely.



First scene export:



More progress:

xgenseed start

more complex scene export and basic material translation


More progress:

Render to RenderView and custom OSL nodes with AE templates.



A example substance material. Not directly supported, but the substance node provides the image filename which can be used in a ordinary file node.
IBL also shown in the image. The gamma nodes in the network are there since there’s not texture pre-processing yet with maketx which would allow us to transform from the input space into the rendering space set in OCIO.




Looks amazing, I’m eager to see this in 3ds max.



I second that!


Time for another status update. This time concerning support for Maya color management, SynColor in particular.
The viewing transform is dealt with by Maya automagically. The input transforms, partially - color picker and color values, but this left texture material to be color managed. The following color spaces are supported:
scene-linear sRGB/Rec.709Rec.2020, DCI-P3, ACES 2065-1 AP0, ACEScg AP1.
And gamma 1.8 Rec.709, gamma 2.2 Rec.709, gamma 2.4 Rec.709 (video), Rec.1886 Rec.709 (camera), sRGB/sRGB.
Log formats and other IDTs might come later.
Rendering spaces supported are: scene-linear Rec.709/sRGB, Rec.2020, DCI-P3, ACES 2065-1 AP0, ACEScg AP1.

Some screenshots. First the target, a X-Rite ColorChecker Classic.

Ingested material color space is denoted in the image. On the left space, without the textures being converted correctly to the working/render space. On the right side, with proper conversion.

In case there are doubts, correctly managed textures are all supposed to look the same and look like the target :wink: