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New blenderseed preview build available!

Hello forum visitors,
we have recently made public a preview build of the upcoming appleseed/blenderseed release for testing.
There are many great improvements included:

  • exporter rewritten from scratch based on Python 35 and appleseed Python bindings
  • interactive rendering in the viewport
  • new adaptive sampling mode available
  • new postprocessing stage (render stamp, illumination analysis colormaps and isolines) available
  • new toon shader (NPR shader) included
  • support for archive assemblies and linked objects
  • area lights
  • adjustable motion blur segments
  • All appleseed render elements (AOV) and utility shading overrides are available

And to simplify installation, appleseed is now bundled with blenderseed! Everything needed to use blenderseed in Blender is included.

The plugin was compiled for Windows using Python 3.5, it will only work with Blender 2.79b. It will not work with daily builds or Blender 2.8.

Please let us know your experience with it.

Download link:


Great News!!!
I will try it soon…

Tnx to all staff!

Is there known date for linux?

Hi. Currently Linux builds have to be done by Esteban due to the difficulties in building appleseed with the Python 3 bindings needed for Blender (on Windows it’s significantly easier). I’ve asked him if he can provide a build.

Mmh … a linux build would be nice. I’m excited about interactive rendering inside blender.


Really cool! I’ve been waiting for interactive rendering for some time, and it’s working fine IF i have a camera in the scene. If there is no camera and I enable interactive rendering, this happens

Also if I add a new object or change some render settings while interactive render is on, I have to disable and then enable interactive rendering to see the changes in interactive render. Just a few bugs I found, otherwise really great! Keep making appleseed amazing! :smile:

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Something weird…
The render shows facing ratio override with overrides turned off when first trying to render the scene.
The proper render starts working when I add a material with appleseed nodes. (Is this on purpose?)

Really cool that area lamps are now working!

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Plugin is installed successfully.

I have noticed my materials from existing scenes are stripped off the objects. The node trees don’t seem to exist anymore.

The wacky screen is because the interactive camera system for blenderseed still requires information from the main scene camera, and when it doesn’t find that the export fails causing the Open GL viewport to go crazy. I can take a look at a workaround when a scene camera is not available but it’ll require some refactoring to the camera exporter so it may not happen for the next release.

New objects are not added to interactive view at this point, once again due to the design of the exporter not being very friendly to adding scene components after the initial export. We can attempt to add that in, but the same comments for the camera issue above apply.

For the facing ratio question: that is intentional. Objects with no material will render black, so the facing ratio shader allows you to see something until you add a proper material.

What else isn’t working correctly?

fxgogo: unfortuantely you will find this to be the case for existing files. We’ve fully moved to OSL for the shader system in 1.0 so files that use the old legacy ‘built in’ system will need to have their materials recreated.

Ok, l will give that a go.

It does seem to be quicker at render time, but I have just gone from 8Gb to 16Gb of system RAM, so not sure what is responsible for that.

Another thing causing the viewport to go crazy. If I’m doing an interactive render and try to open an hdri at the same time the viewport will go nuts again after I exit the file explorer.

I tried to get the same glitch by trying to open other stuff while interactive render was on, and while doing so I found out that I can not add/edit textures while the renderer is set to appleseed.
As you can see in this screenshot, I can’t edit the displacement texture I have created.

I wasn’t able to create the viewport glitch by opening other stuff.

So I made new materials for an existing scene. The results look good. 34 minute render just using unaltered render settings apart from 4 passes. Had some hard crashes when assigning textures. Got around it by added nodes but not connecting them until the texture was loaded. Light emitting shader works well.


Thanks for testing and reporting issues @fxgogo!

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Most likely the texture crashes are due to the preview render trying to run without a texture file.

Avez, I’ll take a look at the issues you reported.