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New release of blenderseed?

i have only recently discovered appleseed - whilst on a failed quest to get some good caustics renders out of cycles (needed for making photoreal set extensions for live-action independent, micro budget feature). however, it looks like major development and releases on appleseed and blenderseed have stopped. i hope i am wrong! will there be a new release of appleseed or blenderseed soon?
thanks, julian

Hi @juliand,
Welcome to our forum!

True, we have not made an official release of appleseed since more than a year but we have newer development versions of blenderseed, appleseed and our plugins for Max and Maya. You can join our discord and get access to all new dev versions and discussions:

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thanks mango3. i have signed into discord and asked about whether there is a recent release version of blenderseed for windows. i do not have enough python / C or C++ skills to do anything useful with a dev version (much as i would like to - i just don’t have the time - i am trying to make an all green-screen feature film and that is a time black hole all on its own).
i have not used discord very much, but i get the impression that if someone doesn’t answer instantly, no one will. if this is correct, does this mean i should keep asking the question? big downside: this could get annoying very quickly!

We have links to binaries (ready compiled) in the #builds channel in our discord.
Developer versions just means that they are based on the latest code but are not extensively tested.
On discord most questions get answered after some time.
I will make a new build of blenderseed for Windows and post a link sometime this weekend.

re new build, many thanks - much appreciated.