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Node setup for a ground texture with color displacement and normal

Hello I am new to appleseed. I cant find a node that is similar to the princibled bsdf node. I have downloaded a texture collection from cc0 textures with color, roughness, normal and displacement.
Can someone show me how to do this stuff?

HI @VernoxVernax,

welcome to our forum!
We have an implementation of the Disney shader, or in Cycles speak principled bsdf.
It is called asDisneyMaterial and works similar to the Cycles node.
The parameters are explained in the documentation:

See screenshot how to arrange a node setup to load a texture with the asDisneyMaterial node.

And please use our latest developer build of blenderseed (Windows only) which has lots of bug fixes and new features implemented:!FIBG0KDY!zUQA2f3H8I6gIUE5Q-6rlkSXf4wcxBv6icAc6mLRLtI

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