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Object's alpha map

the scene is alpha/22. I do not know how you set the object alpha. I look your scene and find only material alpha map. And when I clear the material, the object instance is still leap:
but when i set my own and clear the material. the object instance is a square:
So i wonder where do you set the object alpha?

oh I should find the place, It must be written in the appleseed scene file

why parameters of object can not be set in the arrtibute Editor?

Not all parameters have dedicated controls in the attribute editor. You can assign alpha-maps for objects with the appleseed-plugins for Blender and Maya.

Here is a screenshot of blenderseed for Blender 2.79b showing the UI controls to assign the object alpha map:

That’s a long standing development task :slight_smile: They will be, eventually. If you’re a coder, maybe you could help? Fair warning: this part of the code is relatively complicated.

I am coder, and I am willing to help . But first I must know your system. I will spend time reading your code and when I am ready, I will try my best to help make Appleseed better