OSL script nodes


Now that the newest incarnation of MAX has comprehensive OSL support I decided to make a small test together with appleseed.
I can use the new OSL script node from MAX and plug it as a kind of procedural texture node into the appleseed standard Disney shader, though it doesn’t work with the newer OSL_Disney shader.
It would be great to have an appleseed OSL script node which can load any OSL text file and which can be used with all shader in appleseed. An additional advantage would be that it could be used then also with other DCC programs.
Sorry if this may have been already discussed. I saw a roadmap entry for “Dynamic OSL texture plugin” but I’m not sure this covers the same.



Yeah, loading OSL shaders directly is something we’ll support eventually.

“Dynamic OSL texture plugin” from the roadmap was about creating Max plugins out of *.oso files (compiled OSL shaders) automatically.


Ha! blenderseed beats maxseed!


Outstanding work @Jonathan_Dent with blenderseed!
SPPM, denoising, renderstamp, AOV all exposed and working :slight_smile:
A quick progressive preview render pass like in studio would be great to have (may be less work than implementing full viewport render support).


Where’s RT rendering? Ha!


Oh right around the corner…someday.