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Why not a typical file scene in the good editor? Will Modo ever be supported? Is there a bloody converter besides me having to download Blender. Blender peeps are not very helpful these days so I do not wish to help them more than they help me, plus I honestly do not wish to open another whole 3D app to do this. I know there is the other thing but you said it is not a very kind one.

So is there or will there be a converter, and why not Modo?


Not sure what you mean by “the good editor” (appleseed.studio?) or by “a typical file scene”. Can you elaborate?

Houdini, Modo, Cinema 4D, Katana… We would love to support all these (and more) but sadly we just don’t have the resources. Writing good quality integrations is extremely time consuming.

We’ll be more than happy to help anyone willing to work on this.

We don’t officially support Blender. We used to, and probably will again, but at the moment our Blender plugin is lacking behind.

As of today, we only officially support Gaffer, Maya and 3ds Max with high quality native integrations/plugins (not merely exporters). Maya and 3ds Max integrations are still very much works in progress but they are already usable and we’re moving as fast as we can on those.