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Path Guiding development?

Hello, I just wanted to know how is the development of path guiding.
Best regards.

Hello Noah,

Welcome to our forum!

Path guiding implementation in appleseed was a Google Summer of Code project last year by Stephen Agyemang (BashPrince). We have a developer build with it and the code is on our GitHub page available. Though Stephen did excellent work it is not in a state to be fully production ready or ready to be merged into appleseed’s main branch.

Currently on appleseed’s side we have unfortunately nobody with time available to work on it but Stephen is continuing development for his Bachelor thesis and we may get it finalized.

For the general visitors who may not be familiar with path guiding some information:
Path guiding is a low overhead extension to unidirectional path tracing where the incident radiance in the scene is approximated at each pass, stored in a data structure (SD-tree) and then used to “guide” samples (rays originating from the camera) in the successive passes.

The original idea stems from a research paper from Thomas Müller, Markus Gross and Jan Novák
Practical Path Guiding for Efficient Light‐Transport Simulation