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Perfumes product render

This is an adaption of a free Corona scene (flacons & rose) from VizPeople rendered in appleseed with adaptive tile sampler (available in the upcoming release) set with max. 512 samples/pixel and 0.9 adaptivity. No postprocessing applied.



Nice! Render time?

About 2 1/2 h with a developer build which has Intel Embree ray tracing library support and a new implementation of adaptive tile sampling enabled. My laptop used 3 cores/6 threads of a 2.2 Ghz Intel i7-4202MQ (Haswell) for this render.

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It would be interesting to re-render this scene with the exact same setup but without Embree. I’m curious to know if Embree provides a noticeable speedup here.

Ok, with almost the same scene rendered in appleseed-Max with 400 samples/pixel and uniform sampler the render times were:

  • with Embree 1h 49 min 34 sec
  • without Embree 2h 04 min 42 sec
    This is a reduction in render-time of about 12 % by using the Embree library.

Thanks! That’s a better speedup than most of the others we’ve seen.

What is the 0.9 adaptivity? is that the noise threshold setting?

Hi @jovcem,

This scene was rendered with an early test build of the adaptive tile sampler. Initially it had a setting Adaptivity which is the ratio between adaptive/total number of samples. In this case 0.9 meant 90% adaptive samples and 10% fixed samples. The controls have changed meanwhile and now we have independent settings for the number of fixed samples (Min Samples) and total samples (Max samples). If you set Min Samples = 0 then you would have 100% adaptivity, purely adaptive sampling.
The Noise Threshold setting at that time was also different from the current one.

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