Perfumes product render


This is an adaption of a free Corona scene (flacons & rose) from VizPeople rendered in appleseed with adaptive tile sampler (available in the upcoming release) set with max. 512 samples/pixel and 0.9 adaptivity. No postprocessing applied.




Nice! Render time?


About 2 1/2 h with a developer build which has Intel Embree ray tracing library support and a new implementation of adaptive tile sampling enabled. My laptop used 3 cores/6 threads of a 2.2 Ghz Intel i7-4202MQ (Haswell) for this render.


It would be interesting to re-render this scene with the exact same setup but without Embree. I’m curious to know if Embree provides a noticeable speedup here.


Ok, with almost the same scene rendered in appleseed-Max with 400 samples/pixel and uniform sampler the render times were:

  • with Embree 1h 49 min 34 sec
  • without Embree 2h 04 min 42 sec
    This is a reduction in render-time of about 12 % by using the Embree library.


Thanks! That’s a better speedup than most of the others we’ve seen.