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Problem building appleseed (undefined reference to `typeinfo for OSL_v1_9::RendererServices')

What the… Let me check.

Edit: Should be fixed.

Ahhh… our qt4 is built with clang/llvm 3.9, but I’ve built OSL with clang/llvm 3.8

Ok, segfault corrected…

Now I’m getting :
[[email protected] ~]$
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::filesystem::filesystem_error’
what(): boost::filesystem::canonical: No such file or directory: "/home/mboisson/.local/easybuild/software/2017/avx2/Compiler/gcc5.4/appleseed/1.8.1-beta/studio/plugins"


Does a /home/mboisson/.local/easybuild/software/2017/avx2/Compiler/gcc5.4/appleseed/1.8.1-beta/studio/plugins directory exist?

Actually, follow-up question:

Where are you running from?

Developer builds contain a sandbox/ directory containing a complete deployment of appleseed with all its support files. Binaries are automatically copied to sandbox/bin/ by the build system.

This is where you’re supposed to run appleseed from, if you built it from source. Running appleseed from build/ is unlikely to work, and if it does, it’s by accident.

No, that directory does not exist. Is it supposed to be created by the install procedure ?

Why does it matter where I’m running appleseed from ? I’m doing a central installation, users will run it from wherever they want.


are you using make install?


Yes, running make install

Creating the directory manually after the install allows me to launch it. However, is there an environment variable that we can set which would point somewhere else for each user ?

Ah, glad that you could make it work. We’re investigating the issue, this isn’t normal. Hold on.

We’ve identified a small omission in the installation script: studio/plugins was not deployed by make install. We’ve fixed the issue:

Additionally, the next version of will no longer crash if the studio/plugins/ directory is missing.

Yes, that would be APPLESEED_STUDIO_PLUGIN_PATH. If defined, the directory it points to will be search for Python plugins.

Hope this answers your questions. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance!

Thanks, I have all I need now.

Great response time by the way!

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