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Problem with normal maps

How can I displacement it?

This could be an issue with color management of your textures. By default appleseed works in Scene Linear Color Space.
The asTexture shader has a checkbox for Enable CMS (Read here for all the details:
In general, diffuse textures are encoded with sRGB transfer function, roughness, bump and normal textures are supposed to be in RAW. This depends on the application you used to generate them and on the file format you used to save images. For example, PNG or JPEG images are often stored in sRGB, while OpenEXR images are stored in a linear color space.

A note from the allegorithmic Forum:
The maps exported from Substance Designer and Substance Painter are in sRGB or gamma-encoded space. They are not exported as linear.

hi, Mango3!
Thank you advice.
My HDD was crash…I retry scene.

Added to this: In the asSbsPBRMaterial shader you can additionally plug in a height map, which is a kind of bump map. Substance Painter allows you to export one together with the other maps.

@wizard9th Just to be clear: appleseed doesn’t support true (geometric) displacement yet, so the border between the ground plane and the cube will always be a straight line.