Random Walk SSS not working for me?


I tried to create the random walk sss boxes on appleseeds twitter page. My boxes were solid. I used the asSubsurface node in blender (blender plug-in 0.8, appleseed 1.9) and set it to “Random Walk”. I’ve adjusted the depth, the depth scale, etc. What am I missing?


Hi @agentwd40 ,
When asking for help it is always advisable to add a scene file with your question.
There can be many issues, not necessarily with the material alone, which gives a wrong result.
Does the scene render well with a standard material applied to the cubes?
Lighting setup, color management, ray bounce limits, wrong surface normal etc. can be wrongly set. Without having all this information it is not possible to infer what is wrong.
Documentation about the asSubsurface material can be found here:

Attached as an example the appleseed shader ball scene with a random walk sss material applied.

The material setup is here: