Recommend some anime like Appleseed Ex Machina



I bought Appleseed Ex Machina on Blu-ray and was blown away by the animation. I don’t think I have ever seen anime that was animated like this. It is like some kind of CGI-manga hybrid thingy (my very technical description).
It isn’t like the Final Fantasy CGI animation either. I find it hard to describe since I don’t know the genre well. I suppose it is like they took Akira but made it more CGI-like. In any case, do any of you know of other snime with the same rendering visual stylings?

Please help.

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Hi @JesseVoss,
Welcome to the appleseed render forum.
First of all your question is related to Appleseed (with capital letter) the animation and not to appleseed (all small letters) the render engine. This means this is not the right forum. That being said, maybe some of the readers of this forum which are involved in npr-rendering (non-photorealistic rendering) may have more information about the specific visual style and rendering of the animation.