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Removing jaggies

Please help me.
I used 3dsmax2017. and use appleseed .
but i can’n render well.
I want to remove jaggy at picture.
(surrounded the white circle.)
I have no idea for this issue.
please help me. ( My English is’nt well. sorry.)


Did you use denoising in this image?

Thank you!
I n’t used noise removal.
And so I will try using it.
But,I’m do not know noise removal.
I am sorry, but Please tell me in detail.

Denoising will not help getting rid of those artifacts. I simply asked if you were using denoising because that could have been the source of the problem.

There must be something in your scene causing these artifacts. Are they due to some kind of texture maybe? Can you show us what the geometry looks like? Maybe you can provide us with a scene that exhibits the problem so we can reproduce it on our side?

I Understand.
But I’m so sorry I can not prepare right away.
Next monday we will prepare the rendering setting image.
Thank you for your kindness.

No problem!

This is the current setting. Although jagyy are fewer than before, the Character(carrot) blurs. The texture is made of “Substance Painter”. If the resolution of the texture is low,i want to try again by raising the resolution. I also want to export this as a short video, but please let us know the recommended settings if you have. Also I am illuminating with HDRI.

I think most of the artifacts you are seeing are caused by the denoiser. This denoiser is designed to remove the remaining noise on almost converged renders.

You are currently rendering with 16 samples/pixel which is probably way too low. You should try with more samples, at least 64 spp (but that may still be too low). Render times will increase almost linearly with the number of samples. You can also try increasing the number of Direct Lighting Samples (or Image-Based Samples if you’re using IBL).

You can also try reducing the number of diffuse bounces from 8 to 3 or 4. You can set a Max Ray Intensity (MRI) value if you notice fireflies (scattered bright dots on the image). Start with MRI 1, increase if you loose too much luminosity, decrease if you still have fireflies. Enable Roughness Clamping.

Thanks to you I’m going fine.
Thank you for everything you have done for me.

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