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Render artifacts when using normal map slot

Hi all, I have a weird situation. When I add an image to the normal map slot on the floor, the text shows severe triangular artifacts. When I remove the normal map slot, everything goes back to normal. Attached is the two examples. Am I missing something?

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Here is the node setup for the floor. The letters have a simple Disney material with varying colours.

If you were using 3ds max I would change from normal to bump, in the options rollout, but I ignore if it works the same in blender

Did you enable Embree mode by any chance? (It is still experimental and suffers from self-intersection; artifacts are to be expected and it isn’t advised to use enable it.)

Not sure Franz. I will check it when I get to work tomorrow. I am running in 2.79, would that make a difference?

The option is available in both versions of the plugin. Make sure it’s disabled. If the problem persists without Embree, then the problem is somewhere else, in which case having access to your scene for debugging would be useful.

Yeah, Embree was not selected. Gonna play around a bit more, before uploading the scene.

Here is a link to the Appleseed export from Blender. When rendering in Appleseed Studio, the artifacts also appear.

For some reason the problem only appears on the D letter… It also appears when using the Ray Spread diagnostic mode…

The problem seems to be linked to the geometry of the D letter, not so much to its shader which similar to shaders of other letters.

Yeah, it is very weird. I did notice it on the other letter, when I went into freeview orbit in Blender.