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Render Error

Just curious what this error is. Ive been rendering ok and then tonight I get this error log for pretty much each pixel in the image it looks like. The render aborts as well.

Update: It looks like its a material in the scene. I rotated the camera away from the offending material and it rendered fine. One more thing, if I switch on the option for “Use Max Procedural Maps”, Max crashes.

2019-07-03T03:35:42.935023Z <019> 15586 MB warning | 1 sample at pixel (782, 351) had nan, negative or infinite components and was ignored.


This warning message is the sign that a calculation went wrong somewhere, or that an edge case was not handled properly. It’s mostly meant to cause developers to have a look and fix the issue.
Most other renderers would simply ignore these errors but in appleseed we decided that it was worth finding and fixing them.

Ideally there would be a way for a user to disable this warning as, realistically, a render can look just fine even if a few samples are bogus and ignored.

The fact that the render aborts is obviously problematic. Would it be possible for you to send us the scene in appleseed format so that we can reproduce the issue?

Regarding “Use Max Procedural Maps”, it shouldn’t crash obviously. To debug this we would need the original Max scene.

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Some explanation:

The “Use Max Procedural Maps” option is useful for legacy scenes but is not meant to be switched once materials are assigned. Using it has some serious limitations:

  1. It works only with the appleseed legacy materials and if you have any of the newer OSL materials in your scene a crash occurs. This is a known bug we still have to fix.
  2. Scene export is disabled because appleseed outside of Max has no access to the Max built in maps and would not be able to render the scene.