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Rendering Modes

Any plan about adding “Rendering Modes Options” to blenderseed? (Spectral rendering, RGB rendering and others)


I’m not sure it makes sense to expose the spectral rendering mode in blenderseed until it allows feeding spectral data to appleseed (which isn’t the case right now). Unless you have a specific use case in mind?

The other unexposed mode is the sampling mode; again, from an artist’s point of view there isn’t much of a need to fiddle with this. What do you think?

I was testing appleseed in last two days. To be honest, I didn’t like general look & feel. I would like to see what happens in spectral rendering mode.

Fair enough. Thanks for the honesty, appreciated. Are there specific things which you dislike or feel are not good enough? Specific points that we could address? Which renderer(s) do you usually use?

Thank you for your effort. I will be following your news.

I’m just a hobbyist. I use LuxRender.

If you have any specific feedback, especially negative , then please don’t hesitate to tell us here. We would really appreciate as negative feedback is a great way for us to identify the weaknesses of our products.

@sollozzo13 If there were such thing as specific things you dislike, in this moment of course. Amarite fellas?