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Roughness Map

Hey guys! Im not sure if roughness are done differently here than in other engines, so i was wondering if there is a way where i can use a specular map with varying roughness? I am wanting to texture a face, and i want to make it as great as i can. Perhaps it is overboard, or perhaps a properly done specular map will be the same.

It is engraved in my brain to use rougness maps along with specular maps, it is partly due to archviz and floors :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you tell me what the best would be to achieve this, or how to do it differently? Specularity looks different here than in some other unbiased engines, so i think perhaps its because i am not very used to stuff like specular spread, and using coating aswell.

All the best to you all!


For anyone looking at this in the possible future, i got directions on discord that helped me realize that it was just me plugging nodes in places where they didn’t belong, and that it is indeed possible with the standardshader. Use the single channel output from your texture instead the regular texture output, and it will work in the roughness socket, or any other gray socket.

I am using blender, so i am not sure if the sockets are yellow and gray in the other exporters.

Really insanely awesome. It is super interesting to keep track of what is happening on the discord channel aswell if you haven’t taken a look already.

I hope that the future is a good one, and have a great day :smiley:

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Why the regular texture output won’t work? Doesn’t seem flexible.

I hadn’t understood that the gray input sockets where grayscale inputs, now i am pretty blown away about how much stuff you can do with that node. Its pretty insane!

Output color: :grinning:
Output alpha::volleyball:
Output Single channel::volleyball: ----------------> :volleyball: Roughness

The screenshot shows how to wire a asTexture map into the Roughness input of the asMetal shader.
The Roughness input expects a float type so you have to connect it to the Single Channel Output and not the Color output (which is a vector of float)


I tried illustrating it with the emoji things, I think your screenshot is perhaps a bit more useful haha!

Thanks for helping me out all of you

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