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I am trying to run the rendering of a appleseedz project with the command line appleseed.cli in a Linux environment.

However, I get errors because it is not searching the shaders in the shaders folder, it is only looking in the project.unpacked folder.

(osl: No .oso file could be found for )

Is there a way to set the search path with environment variables ? Which ones ?

Because I can’t open the studio app and set it manually.

Thank you in advance,

Found it, with APPLESEED_SEARCHPATH :slight_smile:

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Hi @Laurent_Alos,

Glad you found the correct environment variable APPLESEED_SEARCHPATH

You could also modify the appleseed scene file which is in XML format and add the search paths there.
Here is an example of a scene exported from appleseed-Max with relative search paths.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- File generated by appleseed.dll version 1.9.1-beta (SSE4.2). -->
<project format_revision="27">

Ps.) The .appleseedz compressed archive is just a zip container for the scene file and assets (textures and mesh objects). If you want to modify the scene file just unzip the archive.