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Shaderball and materials library?

I 'll learn to use Appleseed with engineering design.
for information, I upload the shaderball for studio but I have error

if I understood the spirit of appleseed, this is only a rendering engine that only accepts “.appleseed” projects. it does not allow to import 3d objects and to texture them with a library of materials internal to appleseed.
a priori there is no compatible format between Rhino3d and Appleseed nor an integration plugin from Appleseed in rhino.
rhino import/export
I’ll test plugin project appleseed in Freecad.
thank to answers

  1. for the error rendering the shaderball scene. You have to set the search paths to the OSL shader on your local system (See screenshot below)
  • hover over Project, press the right mouse button so that Edit Search Paths.. appears.
  • Add the paths to \appleseed\shaders\appleseed and \appleseed\shaders\max on your system.
  • Start the preview or final render
  1. You can import geometry as Object files (.obj) and also textures into but building a scene with it is not recommended!
    It is a tool for scene inspection and debugging but not a substitute for a 3d content creation application. For scene creation we strongly suggest to use one of our plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Blender or Gaffer. There you can render directly from inside the application or export your scene in appleseed format and use the command line render or
    Unfortunately there is no appleseed plugin for Rhino that I’m aware of.

ok thank for your answers.
I had to put the whole path: like c \ Users \ … but now it works. If these paths are dependent on the location of the program, wouldn’t it make more sense to define them as rendering parameters?
I hear what you are saying about Appleseed and I understand. I used flamingo plugin for rhino and kerkythea in external render. I watched gaffer and it looks very promising but I am in win (because of Rhino3d which does not exist in linux, and do not want to put it). I’ll used with blender plugin.

You can see and add/change the paths to shader in the appleseed scene file. It is fully editable in a text editor.
We will add a default search path with relative paths to locate the shader in case the user has not set any correctly.

For additional plugins we simply lack the man-power. It is already not easy for us to support Max, Maya, Blender and Gaffer and regularly update the plugins for new features and changes or new versions of the host applications. To add a Rhino or Houdini plugin would be great but it would need to be implemented by someone outside the current core team.

There is a Gaffer version for Windows but I think appleseed has issues with the current release of Gaffer for Windows and is disabled.