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Sky Dome in Maya


I am trying to use the Sky Dome Light provided by the appleseed plug-in in Maya.
Unfortunately, when I set an image, it appears with low contrast and it is too white. Moreover it seems very zoomed.

For example, here are the original HDRI image and a basic rendering :

Thank you in advance !

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Hi Laurent,

I’ve pinged people more knownledgable with the Maya plugin than I am, but in the meantime:

  1. The “zooming level” looks good to me, the original HDR image covers 360° on its horizontal axis but the render covers a more limited view based on your camera settings (around 90°, typically).

  2. I suspect the washed out aspect is a color space issue. What’s the file format of your HDR image? What’s its color space? Typically those are expressed in linear RGB color space, but maybe yours isn’t?