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Some requests

I would like to know if Rendering in viewport will be implemented for Blender .
Working without immediate feedback is frustrating, especially when setting up lighiting in an interior scene with many light sources…
It would be interesting to have the Color Ramp node, to be able to insert the IES files, to have the various pass (Environment, shadow, ao, ID, reflection …)

Tnx to all staff.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, interactive rendering is on the very top of our roadmap for blenderseed. IES lighting is also something we’d like to have, most of the code is there but I can’t promise anything at the moment.

We have a number of render passes (direct and indirect diffuse/glossy/specular, normals, etc.) but we are missing some such as IDs. We probably won’t expose AO unless there’s a strong demand for it.

Hi Franz,
Tnx for your available and courtesy!

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