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Support for Cinema 4D?

I assume there is no support or plans to add this as a renderer for c4d? I just stumbled across this software today by chance and it seems to be an awesome renderer.


Thanks for the kind words!

Unfortunately we don’t support Cinema 4D. Despite our constantly growing development team, our bandwidth is still insufficient to tackle the development of new plugins beside 3ds Max, Maya and Blender.


Ah that’s a shame to hear. As a c4d user, It seems like Max get’s everything these days. :wink: Is there a converter out there that will make .c4d files or .obj/.fbx etc usable within Appleseed? And if there is how is it used?

Your best bet is probably to use Blender, Gaffer, Max or Maya.

To some extent you could use since it can load .obj files, create/apply materials, create lights, etc. but it doesn’t allow yet to move objects or lights. It’s not really meant for scene composition yet, it’s more suited to debugging, inspecting and rendering scenes.

I use Cinema 4D and Blender and they do move data between each other quite nicely with the Collada and FBX import/exports. there is also alembic, which I have not used.

So you could get your C4D scene into Blender and then render in Appleseed from there. Materials might have to be made again, but I am wondering if there is a renderer for C4D that uses OSL.

This is worth a test…brb…