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System incompatibility for use with legacy CPUs (solved)

I use appleseed with freecad on windows 7 64bits.
But when I want opening appleseed with I receive this message error : “system incompatibility ; the executable requires a cpu with SSE4.2 support.”
my cpu is Intel Pentium E5300 with instructions support MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, Intel 64, NX, VMX.
If I don’t want change my PC, have you a solution ?
thank to answer

Hi @Lauraneb,
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The incompatibility comes from lack of SSE4.2 instruction support by your legacy CPU.
appleseed is compiled for use with SSE4.2 which all modern processors support since the Intel Nehalem microarchitecture (late 2008) and AMD K10.

Below is a link to a special appleseed build which requires only SSE2 instructions and should run on your Pentium E5300.

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ok thank you I can open now open appleseed.
.dll was missing in the a special appleseed build. I copied them from version 0.18
Now I’ll test this on freecad and rhino3d.
thank to answer.

Thanks for the notification. I updated the link above and added the QT and VC runtime dlls in the download.

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