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Take a seat - wired chair model by Peter Ang

Another test that shows the quality straight out of appleseed without further postprocessing.
The model has been generously donated as a freebie by Peter Ang and was originally posted on the Corona Render Forum. Model imported as fbx into Blender.




I think you can take this further and use an HDR image or make an interior an put it there :smiley:

Thanks Juan Carlos!
The lighting is by a low-res HDR and spot light. This scene I made to compare it with the original one by Peter Ang (posted below from DARTOFANG sketchbook at the Corona render forum ). It shows one can get renders comparable to what a professional artist produced with a top commercial render engine.

That glossy, slightly uneven floor would add a lot to your scene (and so would some kind of wall or background).

True, the original scene is great. An update will follow, currently I’m toying with an unrelated interior scene…

Same model, slightly different scene setting

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Looking good, is so colorful!