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Texture Maya exporting


I am trying to export a scene as a .appleseedz. However, when I launch the rendering on another computer, the texture are not rendered, because all the paths are for the original computer.

Is there a way to export the scene with textures so that it can be rendered on a remote server ?

The object have a lambert assigned, which color is managed by a file textured by texture2d.

In the logs when exporting, I get : Warning: appleseed:Found unsupported shading node colorManagementGlobals while exporting network //

Thank you !

It seems you have an unsupported node somewhere in your scene which causes problems during scene export.
Here is a list of the status of support for Maya’s Hyper Shade nodes.


We don’t export textures to appleseedz packages. Only the geometry.
There are some technical reasons why exporting textures to appleseedz is hard and there are cases where you don’t want to do it.


It’s counterproductive though

I agree that we absolutely do need a mechanism to make a scene transportable. That’s what appleseedz files were in my mind. There should at least be an option to pack textures as well.

In fact there’s already a ticket: