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UI - very tiny icons in 4K monitors [Solved]

UI - very tiny icons in 4K monitors.

there is a way yo increase the UI buttons in 4K monitors?

Hi Rodrigo,

Welcome to our forum!
Thanks for your notification.
The icons in are indeed small but it should be possible to scale the application. It is built with QT 5.11 toolkit which supports scaling.
In Windows you could set the environment variable QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR to 1
which may help.
We will have a look at these issues.

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Hi Mango3!
Thank you! the environment variable worked!
Im new to appleseed, actually I really liked the initiative.
im a character rigger and a Python coder(pretty basic) but I want to invest my mind in something different…
maybe trying to bridge it to C4D?
do you think it can explode my head?
no clue how complex it could be.

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Hi Rodrigo,

Glad that it fixed the scaling issue.

Writing a plugin is quite some work. We never had a C4D plugin afaik. There was a basic version of a Houdini integration of appleseed but it was some years ago and we don’t have currently the manpower for another go at it.
The easiest is to use Python, like for most of our Blender plugin. Our Max and Maya plugins use C++ and the application specific SDK’s which is tough to get into.

We are glad for any help, though a plugin from scratch is probably too much for anyone who is not very experienced with the host application’s api and sdk.
Since you mention Python, you could help with our Blender integration or which has a Python interpreter access built in. This would be easier tasks and help getting used to appleseed’s large code base.

Please join our discord server, there you can discuss all options with our core developers and get real-time insight into the development.


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I had no idea this existed, thanks!